On April 19, senior journalist and Geo’s lead anchorperson Hamid Mir was attacked in Karachi. While he was at the hospital undergoing treatment, a pre-recorded video message was aired on Geo. This video had been given to younger brother Amir Mir by Hamid Mir himself, with instructions to make it public knowledge should anything happen to him.
What has followed on television channels is a war of words — and more. Rifts have emerged between media groups. Allegations have been levelled. Clear lines have been drawn — for and against different parties. As consumers of news and talk shows, what is your take on how this has unfolded? Below are a few questions we would like to get your input on:
Q. What is your view on the manner in which the attack was reported and the discussion handled on various channels over the next few days?


Q. Where does one draw the line between damaging ‘national interest’ and the ‘image’ of state institutions, and holding them accountable? 

Q. What is and should be PEMRA’s role in all this? Should it take notice by itself or only act based on complaints?

Q. As matters now stand, what course of action should be taken by all involved?