March 27, 2016
Islamabad-based  photojournalist, painter and sculptor, Mobeen Ansari has tried to follow the path less trodden. His aim has been to promote a positive and often unseen side of his country through his photographs. Challenged with loss of hearing at a very early age, Mobeen has always been keenly observant of his surroundings and expresses himself through different mediums. He has traveled across Pakistan and focuses on places off the beaten track specially South Punjab and Wakhan Corridor in the far North. His photography book, Dharkan: The Heartbeat of a Nation, featured portraits and stories of iconic people and unsung heroes of Pakistan. He is currently working on another publication, White in the Flag, based on religious minorities in Pakistan.
Mobeen’s first film, a documentary titled Hellhole, continues his quest of trying bring to the fore marginalized people who are still nevertheless an essential part of our national fabric. The film follows the lives of sanitation workers in Karachi who perform an essential service yet are often denied respect. Hellhole explores their lives and the hazards they face in their profession.
The film will be screened in Karachi at The Second Floor on April 24th. It will be part of the Creative Karachi Festival.
Below is the link to the film’s trailer.