February 21, 2012

The exquisite Port Grand proved to be the perfect backdrop for the launch of the high-end designer outlet, Peacock Lounge, on January 14.

The event, which included a fashion show and cocktails for the distinguished guests, was glamour-packed with most of Pakistan’s glitterati in attendance. Stunning models Ayyan and Irajstrutted down the ramp in street-style clothing by Deepak Perwani, followed by a peacock-inspired collection by celebrated designer Rizwan Beyg.

Pomme Amina Afzal, the woman behind this unique fashion venture, explained that she wanted the Peacock Lounge to be a place where people could socialise and shop at the same time, and occasionally enjoy their “bursts of fashion” in the form of fashion shows.

The store, she informed, will “stock on merit” since she did not want the Peacock Lounge to be like some of the other boutiques that stock up everything that comes their way. She was determined to stock outfits keeping in mind the “the talent and creativity of the designers and their ranking in the fashion world.”

The store features veteran designers Sonya Batla, Rizwan Beyg and Deepak Perwani and newer talent like Sanam Agha and Sania Maskatiya.