September 30, 2010

Newsline‘s September cover story looked at the floods that have ravaged Pakistan from many angles. Beyond a look at the devastation and political manipulation, there is analysis of the army’s efforts, NGOs, social media at work, the role of climate change and the likelihood of droughts. You can now read all these stories here:

Apocalypse Now by Sairah Irshad Khan
The floods have stripped bare the ugly face of a feudal-sardari system and its umbilical connect with politics and bureaucracy that have together created an underclass so wretched that it has nothing left to lose.

Flood of Sorrow by Talib Qizilbash
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is a region that has suffered through years of turmoil: suicide bombings, Taliban rule, military operations and displacement. The floods are just the latest blow. But how much can its denizens take?

Who’s to Blame? by Abdul Wahab
Official inaction and haste to secure agricultural land in Balochistan has drowned cities and rendered millions homeless.

Religious Mission or Political Ambition? by Shahzada Irfan Ahmed and Ayesha Siddiqa
With their well-organised relief efforts, the religious and militants outfits pose the threat of making significant inroads in the flood-affected regions.

Disastrous Winds of Change? by Afia Salam
Are the floods in Pakistan a result of climate change or are they human-induced?

Technology to the Rescue by Sana Saleem
ICT and social media tools are being used to map and garner support for individual relief efforts.