Fashion Faux Pas

September 18, 2009

The jewels in our “Fashion” category went missing recently. It was horrifying when we discovered it. Worse still, it took us a while to even notice.

This is surprising since most of our fashion posts were, well, naked. They were stripped of the one aspect that makes a fashion piece worth looking at: photography.

That’s right. The pictures for most of our articles filed under “Fashion” had no photos, though, they did when they were posted, and should have had all along. Interestingly, robbery had nothing to do with it. It was more like a Bermuda triangle type of event, or events. Technical problems rippled through our system, and in essence washed many photo links away.

We owe you our apologies. For you would have been undoubtedly disappointed (and even confused) when you discovered nothing but text.

Now the fashion posts have their clothes back. So we hope you take a fresh look at what we have to offer here atNewsline. The style-related articles comprise photo shoots, profiles, interviews and events coverage. All are photography heavy. Just the way they should be.

So take a look around, the jewels in our fashion crown are shining bright again.

Here are some recommended posts to check out:

Designing Women: The work of five custom jewellery designers.

Interview with Vaneeza Ahmed: One-on-one with Pakistan’s top supermodel.

In a League of their Own: A profile of dynamic duo Maram and Aabro.

Abaya Couture: A fresh look at something so traditional and, well, unhip.

And here’s one of the galleries that went missing. Click on any photo to start the picture viewer. Or to see the full post on Rizwan Beyg’s show in Rome, click here.

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