February 28, 2012

Following the success of their first store on Zamzama, Shamraf launched their second outlet on the first floor of Dolmen Mall, Seaview on February 6. The launch also introduced their latest addition — a line of 20 scarves in digital designs. The scarves made quite an impression on the onlookers at the event, who could be overheard describing them as ‘tapestry-like’ or similar to an abstract painting.

Shamraf also carries a line of ready-to-wear, as well as unstitched, embroidered clothing in silk and chiffon fabrics. The range includes semi-formal, formal and bridal wear clothing. Moreover, a selection of towels and bed linens is also available at its outlets.

THe CEO of Shamraf, Javed R Vohra informed Newsline that several designers in the past have bought embroidered fabric from Shamraf for their own brands.

The store will be launching another branch soon at the Dolmen Mall on Tariq Road and will expand further by opening branches in Lahore, Faisalabad and Islamabad later on this year.