July 21, 2017

Fans around the world are in shock over the death of music icon, pioneer of the nu-metal era in rock history, Chester Bennington. Piercing vocals heavy-set with grunge influences, and a notable stage presence made him one of the most prominent figures currently working in the industry.

The body of the 41-year-old Linkin Park frontman was discovered around 9 am yesterday (20th July) at his private estate in Palo Verdes, California. He is believed to have hanged himself, and was found by an employee.

Over the course of his life, Bennington battled alcohol and drug addiction, and based many of the band’s hits on his struggles. His spiral into substance abuse was prompted by his molestation at age 7 by an older male friend, and his parents’ divorce at age 11.

His death comes on the birthday of close friend, Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell, who committed suicide earlier this year as well. Close friends and family said that Chester was “never the same” after Cornell’s death.

A statement was issued by band member Mike Shinoda



As well as fans:


The band’s legacy lives on; their music was unique, melding hip-hop and hard rock to create chart topping singles. Hybrid Theory has recieved as one of the most commercially and critically successful albums of all time. Success reached a global scale with their follow-up, Meteora, and later with their cross-genre Jay-Z collaboration: Collision Course. The band released their 7th studio album, ‘One More Light‘, in May and were scheduled to go on tour later this month. Their innovations haven’t gone unnoticed, and their music will continue to inspire the generations to come.

Bennington is survived by his wife and 6 children.