July 24, 2012

The Italian brand Kemon has been around for over 50 years but it made its way to the Pakistani market only last month. And to mark the brand’s launch in Karachi, a workshop was held at the Royal Rodale on June 11 where the official trainer of the brand, Mike, introduced the Kemon product lines: Cramer, Activya, Ritual Colour, Nayo, Bellessere Oil, Unamy and Hair Manya. During the day-long session, Mike presented all these hair products and explained the dos and don’ts of hair colouring. The workshop was attended by the who’s who of Karachi’s stylist world that included Nina Lotia, Angie Marshall and Peng among others.

The workshop addressed the many dilemmas of hair tints, correct hair-dying methods, the use of the right colour to cover grey or to lighten or darken hair by just a shade. Kemon boasts ‘low ammonia,’ which essentially means that their hair products are not heavy on chemicals and thus do not cause hair damage.

The session included demonstrations on models as well as a question and answer session for each of the hair products. The attendees were treated to a lovely lunch buffet. Kemon is currently available at Nina Lotia in Karachi and Splitends in Lahore.