March 9, 2018

Machar Colony is Karachi’s biggest katchi abadi. Living on the fringes of this teeming metropolis, the residents of Machar Colony are amongst the most disadvantaged sections of society. Illiteracy stands at a staggering 82%. In a typical home, nine children share one room and their only playground is the streets outside.

Imkaan Welfare Organization is the result of one woman’s vision. Undaunted by the magnitude of the task ahead of  her, Tahera Hasan was determined to improve the lot of the children living here. She founded the Imkaan Welfare Organization which has worked to improve education, healthcare and sanitation in this squatter settlement. Khel is an inititiative to introduce recreational facilities to the children here.

The Imkaan Welfare Organization mission statement is simple but profound: no child’s life shall be curtailed by the circumstances of his or her birth because each one deserves absolute love and infinite opportunity to grow.

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