Photo Feature: Seaview by Night

September 27, 2017


Seaview remains Karachi’s most popular beach due to easy access. No matter what the day and time of the week, the beach has visitors from all over Karachi.

During the night the beach takes on a very different look. The pavements along the busy sections of the beach come alive with dozens of pushcart vendors selling everything from snacks and cold drinks to fruit and fake jewelry. Some of the more enterprising sellers push their carts closer to the water. These carts are lit with colorful lights and and add a lively touch with the waves of the sea in the background.

The unchallenged king of the Seaview food offerings is the corn roasted over charcoal.

Particularly popular with the children are the go-carts that look like Mars Rover. However, the much more humble rides like horses and camels, still give a stiff competition to the high tech offerings.


The writer is an engineer by training and a social scientist by inclination.