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Symbolist and social crusader Jimmy Engineer’s much-anticipated 600-plus page bio-epic In Search of My Master, compiling the works of the legendary artist and written by art critic and author Marjorie Husain, was launched with a media-savvy event on January 27 at the DHA Golf Club in Karachi. Ardent fans, art junkies and influential personalites, such as Atiqa Odho and Javed Jabbar, gathered to celebrate the non-conformist, who cited his challenge against the pre-conceived norm of artistic success based on formal education as one of the drivers behind his innovative art. The event kicked off with an exhibition featuring the artist’s popular works, including a tribal series depicting rural life with strong social undertones, an architectural series that featured an amalgamation of famous historic sites and the Indo-Pak partition series. Corporate giants ICI Dulux and Bank Al Falah sponsored the event in which the book’s publisher, Pervez Iqbal, paid homage to the prolific artist’s achievements, while Marjorie Husain revealed the unique communal experience of writing the book.

The launch event garnered accolades and gave a glowing tribute to the life and works of one of Pakistan’s most widely celebrated artists.

The writer is freelance journalist.

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