August 15, 2017

Photos compiled by Deneb Sumbul 



Lahore February 25, 1974: Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Colonel Moammar Kadhafi  Mujibur Rahman  looks on. Yasser Arafat waves to the crowd during the closing ceremony of the 2nd Islamic Summit Conference.


EAST PAKISTAN. Dacca. December 16, 1971.  General Jagjit Singh Aurora hands a pen to Pakistani General Amir Abdullah KhanNiazi to sign the document surrendering his army.


1961: A swarm of locusts, 15 miles wide and 50 miles long, descended on Karachi destroying the entire standing crop and greenery.


1954: The first aircrafts purchased by PIA – Lockheed Super Constellation. Ambassador Amjad Ali and his family at the handing over ceremony. The young hostess was born on the same day as Pakistan.


July 1962: The Simla Summit in which Benazir Bhutto accompanied her father and is seen with Indira Gandhi..


August 28, 1968: Princess Sarvath and Crown Prince Hassan bin Talal of Jordan get married.


1965 -PIA Cairo airport air crash. 119 on-board were killed including 22 journalists and only 6 survived with injuries. The accident is one of the worst one for a Boeing 720 till today.