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A legacy news magazine with a loyal readership, Newsline now offers unique, clutter free and “actionable” advertising opportunities to reach out to its highly educated, affluent and influential online and print readers.

With the invaluable help of our growing number of readers and advertisers, Newsline is doing better than ever. Sales are booming while our investigative reporting has broken new grounds in journalism. There is no subject, however taboo, that Newsline has not taken up, sometimes at great risk to itself. We have run investigative reports on the extortion racket, the judiciary and the horrifying custom of karo-kari. Newsline has carried features on the fast food industry, Pakistan’s energy crisis and the nation’s nascent Islamic revival.

On the home front, we bagged three more All Pakistan Newspaper Society awards in 2011. The latest awards for excellence in print journalism covered the publication period 2009-2010. These national honours were in addition to the eight wins we brought home during the last two rounds of awards. Thus, Newsline has won 11 APNS awards between 2005-2010 –­­ more than any other publication in the country. We are proud to say that this recognition has been as constant over the years as Newsline‘s dedication to honest reporting and independent analysis. Since our very first year in print, Newsline has earned many national and international accolades. The latest industry acknowledgments reinforce the publication’s reputation for top-notch journalism and it’s continuing relevancy in today’s dynamic media environment.

It is no wonder then that Newsline still remains the place to reach educated readers and opinion makers with high levels of disposable income.

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