April 21, 2017

Nomi Ansari with models

The red carpet area at the Pearl Continental hotel was lined with sponsors and glittering with stars for Day One of Hum TV’s Summer Showcase, 2017.

Directed by fashion guru, Rizwan Baig, it was an event well-attended by fashion and media personalities. Bushra Ansari, Tehmina Khan, Anoushay Ashraf, Sana Safinaz, Mehreen Syed, Marium Saeedullah, Freiha Altaf and of course president of Hum TV Network, Sultana Siddiqui were all present to the delight of the paparazzi who flanked them. Some models were flown in from London and South Africa and they gave glowing reviews about their first visit to Pakistan.

The first collection to grace the ramp was by Nomi Ansari, titled, ‘A Night in Paradise.’ Vibrant colours, crop-tops, tassels, the asymmetrical hairstyles on the models, frills and canary-yellow fur stoles were reminiscent of a garden of Eden in the 1920’s.

Wardah Saleem seemed to be a crowd-favourite and it was easy to see why. Combining Russian, Oriental and Pakistani aesthetic she had created an assertive look for the runway on Day One. Tassels, severe hairstyles and block colours, Wardah Saleem’s collection was one of the bolder ones for the night.

Wardah Saleem

Jaazib Qamar’s runway collection showcased a special affiliation for zippers. Despite how that sounds, Qamar’s designs were expertly cut; he had balanced the strict geometry of his designs with the metallic fluidity of zippers, which he then used as embellishments. The jackets displayed were by far the strongest feature of his collection. A particular crowd-favourite was a rainbow-coloured jacket made entirely out of zippers.

Inaaya’s collection for women, titled ‘Tabeer’ was a step-down from her earlier presentations. However, the Inaaya signature was well and truly evident in the breezy off-shoulder pieces, broad collars, palazzos and flowing fabric. The colour palette was primarily monochrome but still vibrant and chic.

Jaazib Qamar

‘Phantom’ was the title of Munib Nawaz’s runway selection and showcased, perhaps the dullest collection of the night. There was nothing dramatic, innovative or even pleasant about anything he delivered. From the palette, to the print, to the fabric, to the designs and the stitching, there was nothing to elevate it beyond mediocre.

Al-Zohaib’s textile presentation was heartening in a way. Borrowing heavily from nature, the collection had a soothing effect. However, after an evening so dominated by block colours, the prints just could not match up. Italian designer Cristina Senter too, though gorgeous, did not have the wow factor that one has come to expect from the fashion festivals of Pakistan.

Aside from Faraz Manan’s collection ‘Mirage,’ embroidery did not feature too heavily during the evening, which was a relief, given the Pakistani weather.

All in all, day one of Hum TV’s Summer Showcase marked the beginning of what will undoubtedly be an exciting fashion festival and a great annual event to look forward to from now on.